Day 23 of 120: Paying Dues 

Today, 7/18/17: Today is my 9th Anniversary as a Zumba instructor. It’s unbelievable actually how much something as random and superfluous as teaching Zumba could shape my life for so many years

Old School Zumba Promo Shot

I didn’t even realize it was my 9th anniversary until I saw the “On This Day” memory pop up on the Facebook. 😆 It was fitting that I had inadvertently volunteered to sub a Zumba class tonight. I don’t teach much Zumba these days, but when I get on the dance floor, I thoroughly enjoy it, mainly because I know I’ve reached a certain level of mastery and expertise. I always tell people, if there was some emergency in the middle of the night and I had to teach Zumba to save the world, I could do it. 😂😂😂

My hair is defying gravity. Or is it just the rotate function. 😂😂😂

That mastery only comes from paying dues. Putting in the hours, putting in the practice and effort. So next time you get frustrated with yourself, especially when you’ve begun a new activity or sport, be patient. Stick with it and remember to enjoy the process as much as you think you’ll cherish the result. 

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