Day 22 of 120: Delusions of Fitness 

Today, 7/17/17: I think to emotionally cope with the world, it’s healthy to have some levels of delusion. God knows, if I didn’t have my own delusions of fitness, I’d never attempt ultramarathons! 

But when is too much delusion unhealthy? What’s incredible about humans is that we can actually suffer pretty well. So many people suffer every day with ill health, “dis-ease”, chronic fatigue, emotional imbalance…all these imbalanced states too easily become the new normal. 

Many of my clients starting out are pretty deconditioned. It almost saddens me to hear that the only form of exercise they get is “walking a lot”, which usually means a mile or less daily. 

We all have our standards and I do my best not to judge others for their choices, however, encouraging people to stretch beyond their current standards (limitations) is pretty much my mission in life. 

On a personal level, my own delusions of fitness leave me being less disciplined about my training. We all have our struggles, but when we begin to be ridiculously honest with ourselves, the excuses fall away and the work can get done. It starts in the mind. It starts with integrity, not just in the sense of being honest, but of being whole. 

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