The Power of Letting Go

Today, 7/16/17: Post 2 day deep Cleanse For Life. Feeling great, as usual, after what always seems at first to be a treacherous task. Not really eating for two days seems unnecessary, if not “dangerous” by many.

5 Awesome Benefits after a Cleanse For Life Deep Cleanse 

1. Bloating, excess water weight POOF! Gone! You feel tighter everywhere without photoshop.

2. Resets taste buds. Those adulterated taste buds seeking sugary or salty tastes get a little reboot. It’s pretty awesome to have your palate cleansed that way. Truly helps in sustaining healthier food choices.

3. Energy. The first day might be a bit of a drag with some detox-y type symptoms, but man, push through that and you feel superhuman. I don’t want to get too technical here but think HGH release!

4. Mental Clarity. Calm. And you sleep like a rock during cleanse days. Think about all of those precious cells recovering and regenerating. Only good stuff happens when you sleep unless of course you never wake up. 😂 But who knows, I don’t want to judge being a dead person.

5. Letting Go. This, by far, is probably the most powerful benefit of a deep cleanse. A true lasting transformation and evolution requires a shift in psychology. Through the simple practice of fasting, something that is so closely tied to our basic instincts of survival, we may also realize we are burdening ourselves with inefficient ways of thinking, believing, and doing; we recognize we are hanging onto relationships that are toxic and dysfunctional. Letting go of those things is what truly leaves us with a blank slate to create the life of our dreams. It’s a journey. It doesn’t happen overnight. But stay the course and do the best you can with what you’ve got and you will see results.

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