Day 16-18 of 120: 5 Crucial Questions and Cauliflower Crust Pizza 

Today 7/13/17: Seriously, what a busy week since I last posted, which I swear was 2 days ago. Aside from coaching and riding and getting 2 kids ready for college and dealing with my 12 year old getting LICE (ew gross WTF right?!), I’ve been re-evaluating the purpose of this “daily” blog. Some friends have given me some valuable feedback and suggestions to help shape the direction and be more focused in the intention. 

Haven’t completely crystallized that but it’s brewing. Part of why I’ve also been more quiet than usual. Re-evaluating goals while on your transformation journey is important for keeping motivation high and your integrity intact. This is especially true when you are like me and have several passions, interests and hobbies. 

5 Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Do I want to achieve this goal to prove my worth to others? 

2. Do I feel passionate and empowered when visualizing my goal(s) being accomplished? 

3. Am I willing to do the work required to accomplish this goal? Do the repetitive actions required by my goal bring some level of enjoyment and joy to my life even though some days it may suck to get them done? 

4. Am I re-evaluating because I want to flake out and give up? <— This question is important if you have a tendency to start things but not finish them. 

5. What is the Return On Investment of your goals? Are they truly worth it in your grand scheme of things? 

Oftentimes, these are tough questions to ask and answer. Working with a coach works wonders. Hint hint. 

And now, my Cauliflower Crust Pizza! 

So good!

Gluten free and zero added sugar frozen Cauliflower Crust from Trader Joe’s. So easy to whip up this pizza in 20 minutes including prep time! And delicious! 

Toppings: Quattro Fromaggio Blend, Trader Joe’s Fresh Pizza Sauce, Mini Artisan Peppers sliced, Sorrento Baby Arugula Blend, Sliced Dry Salame, Fresh-ground Pepper and Oregano. 

Tomorrow : 2 day deep cleanse begins 

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