Day 15 of 120: 5 Goal Smashing Tips 

Today 7/10/17: 2 weeks in and even I am asking, “Wait why am I trying to blog every day?”  So I know you readers out there, whether you’ve been following from Day 1 or just tuning in now, probably have no idea what this 120 day thing is. 

2 weeks ago, I enrolled in a 4 month (aka 16 week, aka 120 day) “Body Transformation Challenge”. As a trainer and coach with my own personal athletic goals, it’s important to balance helping others with helping myself. Juggling a full time career as a fitness and social media marketing professional with being a single mom and being my own woman can be daunting at times, not necessarily the tasks themselves, but the lack of time to accomplish them all! 

I also know I’m not alone in the struggle! 

Here are 5 success tips sure to keep you on the path so we can SMASH our goals. 

1. Remember why you wanted and started your goal.  

2. Set up an accountability system whether it be an app like MyFitnessPal, a chat group of close friends to check in with, publicly stating your goals on social media, promising to blog every day, etc. The more the better, so friends and frenemies alike can call you out on your BS if necessary. 

3. Each day is a new opportunity to be better than the day before so don’t waste time wallowing in your lack of perfection. 

4. Priorities. Some days, probably most days, it’s near impossible to get it all done. I’m a big fan of lists. But take your list making up a notch. Create a hierarchy of what’s most important towards pushing you to your goal. Get that stuff done daily and first! 

5. Finish what you set out to finish. Don’t stress over the final grade, time, end result. Have zero expectations except to show up every day and do your best. 

One thought on “Day 15 of 120: 5 Goal Smashing Tips 

  1. #2 is very very necessary. Right now I am competing with my best friend to see who gets aesthetically fittest by September. Earlier for 6 months I had an accountable buddy with whom I practiced “daily gratefulness/gratitude training” and I became so damn powerful mentally physically and emotionally.

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