Fuel Up

Whether you’re running on empty or always seeking to upgrade your fuel sources, this page will be a great resource for you!

Nutrition is an often overlooked subject amongst the growing population of runners.  Many runners believe because they are burning so many calories, it doesn’t really matter what they put into their mouths.  Unfortunately, that is far from the truth.  Talk to any elite runner, however, and you’ll hear immediately, how important nutrition is to their performance.

I may never be able to fly like Goucher, but I can certainly put the best fuel into my body…and why wouldn’t I?  Why wouldn’t you?  We deserve it!  At the end of the day, if you don’t have your health, you don’t have much.

In the posts to come, you’ll learn about the best ways to fuel up while training, in recovery, and of course, RACE DAY!  I’m not into “all natural” as there are many good things you can put into your body that have been “man-made”.  However, I’m into CLEAN and EFFECTIVE.  I believe in sustainability rather than quick-fix hype diets or deprivation.

I also hope to provide you with helpful product reviews as I am a very discerning and informed consumer, endorsed by no one!   And, of course, no nutrition page should be without YUMMY AND EASY RECIPES, specifically designed for those of us “on the run”!  (did you see what I did there?)

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