Day 11 of 120: Pretzel Bites and Exes

Today, 7/7/17: Yesterday was uneventful. The most excitement was receiving my shipment of IsaPro PROTEIN! I am really actually excited to add more protein into my daily. It’ll really help burn through this fat. Fit life problems. 😂

One of my clients who’s been doing fabulously well on her nutritional cleansing program texted the team that she had eaten 7-8 pretzel bites while at the movies with her kiddos. She noted how terrible she felt, guilt-wise for cheating and also physically ill as she’s been eating so clean for this past month. 

My reply:  I think it’s a great learning experience. You start realizing that past attachments aren’t what they once were. Part of this transformation is really learning what actually makes us feel good. Physically, psychologically, emotionally. Sometimes it’s good to go back there and see…whether it’s pretzel bites or exes. 😂

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