Day 10 of 120: The Perfectionist’s Problem 

Today (yesterday really when this publishes), 7/5/17: *I actually faceplanted before I could get this out* LOL. 

The 4th of July was pretty well contained for me. No alcohol, not too many carbs, but also no workout. Tracking food was a bit difficult because of the home cooking. Also because no workout, not enough hydration and just couldn’t get that second shake down for the day. 

“Green” Deviled Eggs

Needless to say, my energy levels weren’t super awesome today, mostly from dehydration and dammit that second shake really makes a difference. Despite that, still danced my ass off in Zumba. And was a bit disappointed over having to cancel my second outdoor Zumba class for the day because of the rain. I was also annoyed that I ate a “buredo” (think sushi burrito) and didn’t have the opportunity to burn it off. 

This is the Sophie “buredo”.
Rained out, sadly not sweat.

I’m finishing this post at 5:30am and feeling a bit disappointed in myself for technically missing a day. It’s the same feeling as dropping a workout. Or just not showing up  when and where you said you would! 

So I’m standing in the shower thinking. Haha. Who gets that reference? Anyhow, I’m thinking and getting overwhelmed.

Have I taken on too much? Am I inefficient in how I work? Where did I waste my time? How am I going to catch up? I’m never gonna catch up.  Man, fuck this, I give up. And so on and so forth. 

Moral: But then it dawned on me that instead of worrying about the past, I just have to re-prioritize and deal with the present moment. I can’t go back and fix things that went wrong. Being a perfectionist has its downfalls and leads oftentimes to all or nothing behavior patterns. It’s taken me a long time to truly understand and accept that without consistency and daily discipline, all the talent in the world will not get you very far in life. 

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