Day 8 and 9 of 120: Netflix and Narcissism 

Today, 7/4/17 and Yesterday, 7/3/17: Ack, I missed my daily post yesterday. I suppose I didn’t have anything very pressing or inspiring to write about and after a half day of training clients, I came home as if it were Friday to enjoy the holiday time off today. I settled into folding laundry and binge watching Netflix and completely forgot about blogging. 

As for my IsaBody Challenge, I’ve locked down my morning nutrition ritual, my pre- and post-workout, and my fueling during workouts is pretty much dialed in as well! Sticking to my evening routine has been going better than it’s ever had. Over a week and no ice cream cheats…not even cravings! 

2 shakes a day keeps the fat away

I feel a shift in my mindset, namely, in my attitude and approach in achieving a goal. I feel a solid base of perseverance at the core of my thoughts. Even if I get distracted, it’s much easier to get back on the wagon with a well thought out and regimented system for my day, my nutrition, my training. 

Success does not happen overnight. It happens in the nitty gritty of daily effort. Many with GREAT and honest success have sacrificed and pushed through the hardest. They are not afraid of pain – those last two reps, or the dark patches of an endurance event. They aren’t afraid that they will miss out on alcohol or a late night out partying, or giving up their fave cheat food for awhile or forever! 

So how far are you willing to push? Have you been stepping up to your true potential or have you been cutting corners and punking out on yourself? How much do you bitch and whine every day? No one is entitled to success. And no, you cannot cheat your way through life. I mean it even came crashing down for Lance Armstrong, the fiercest narcissist I’ve seen in modern day! Do the work and NEVER sacrifice your integrity. 

My Netflix binge playlist:

Inspired to Ride…and that I was. The TransAm ride across America is officially a cycling goal. 

Stop at Nothing: Lance Armstrong Not going to vilify LA. It was fascinating to watch from a psychological perspective. Narcissists can be charming, super successful, but they are cold and they stop at nothing to maintain their perception of being number 1. Usually, that leads to their own fall from grace, but ironically, they most likely will not even recognize their own fall. Integrity does not matter. Winning and domination do. 

Pumping Iron: Classic. Another incredibly charming and successful narcissist. Arnold. I love Arnold. I mean who doesn’t love Arnold but my God, what a dick. Hahaha. I’d still like to believe that there are uber successful people who have integrity and empathy. I suppose to win in some individual endeavour, there does require a certain detachment from emotion and relationship. Arnold just took it to the max. Not even attending his father’s funeral because as he said, he’s already dead and it was two months out before competition. Wow. 

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