Day 7 of 120: Celebrate the small wins! 

Today, 7/2/17: Most Sundays I spend puttering around the house getting domestic duties done and prepping for the week ahead. I didn’t get any workouts in unless you count lugging heavy laundry baskets up and down stairs. I planned on a long ride today, but sadly my bike needs to see a mechanic. Instead of lamenting, I decided to focus on the small wins of the week. 

Yesterday, I went out for the LSR: Long Slow Run. 2 hours in the heat and humidity that is Northern VA summer made me feel pretty accomplished. Both mind and body felt great and I was totally dialed into the nutrition and hydration. 

Amped Fuel
Amped Recover and Amped Hydrate in my Orange Mud bottles

My small wins: Tracking my nutrition in MyFitness Pal and blogging every day is a minor miracle!  Had a few quality workouts this week and I dropped 4lbs pretty effortlessly. 😁

Moral: For accomplishing longer term goals, celebrating the small wins is crucial to keep the fires of motivation stoked! These small successes all piled up is what leads to the big wins in life! 

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