Day 6 of 120: Chipping away 

Today, 7/1/17: I’m exhausted. I overexerted myself yesterday riding my bike around in the heat and humidity on a second deep cleanse day.  I know better. It was supposed to be a recovery day but I felt great and had awesome energy so against my better judgment I rode anyhow.

Flat belly selfie fail. More boobs than anything. Oh well. 😂

Woke up this morning to coach my Saturday morning Megaformer classes. I could feel the fatigue. These are the moments when I don’t feel like eating clean. I just want to eat every carb in sight. I don’t want to bother tracking on MyFitnessPal. But I took my shake packet and a protein bar with me to class. So far so good. 
Motivation and inspiration fluctuates. You know you have those days when you’re ready to take on the world and other days, you wonder how you’re gonna make it through to the next meal. 

This is when embracing the mindset of “chipping away” comes in handy. In CrossFit, we have workouts called “Chippers”. They look ridiculous when you’re staring at the white chalk on the board describing the tortute. There’s only one round of it but an extremely high number of reps that must be performed. You’re saying to yourself,  “OMG there’s no way I’m going to finish that!” But you chip away and somehow it gets done. 

Chip away, friends!

Also similar to taking on an ultra endurance event. “How the eff am I going to run 100 miles?” The answer usually is, “One mile at a time.” 

So here’s the trick.  First you must commit to taking on the ridiculous and scary goal.  Then you hunker down and chip away.  Little by little, every day.  There are no cheat days.  Maybe a cheat meal here and there, or a well deserved rest day, but the more you eat garbage and drop workouts, your results will speak for themselves. 

Moral: Do not give in to fear, doubt, laziness and justifications, especially when the motivation is low. Keep chipping away, relentlessly. 

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