Day 2 of 120: Measurable Results vs Numbers Obsessed 

Today 6/27/17: Had an awesome Day 1. Felt energetic and mentally strong and focused. Started tracking macros, calories, and nutrients again. Didn’t have my usual evening binge urges! <— especially for ice cream! 

This morning I stepped on the scale to find myself 1 pound lighter. Woohoo. Honestly, that doesn’t mean that much to me.  But it does, a little. 

Haha. Imagine!

When you want to change a result, I do believe it’s important to have measurable markers. Yes, feeling good is important, but you can easily lie to yourself and settle for feeling “pretty good” when in reality, you have no idea how it feels to feel amazing in your body. 

Getting obsessed with number tracking can be unhealthy as well if you attach the wrong narratives to the numbers. 

SMART goals

There is a healthy weight range for your gender, height, age. There is a healthy body fat percentage range for your gender and age. Know these and don’t be in denial about it. 

As for tracking calories and macros and nutrients, if you’re going to track (which I highly recommend when you’re first starting your weight loss journey), track them all. Only tracking one is misleading. It’s not just about calories in and out. It’s also about the breakdown of carbs, protein, and fat. Also the quality of your calories, nutrient density, is extremely important as well. No one can argue that 1200 calories of soda pop and Oreos is the same as 1200 calories of lean protein and veggies. 

Bottom Line: Radiant health is much more than the number on the scale but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a crucial part of the puzzle. 

To see my nutrition: MyFitnessPal 

To see my workouts: strava (Micha Shines)

To see my progress pics: Instagram 

Radiant sunflower on my walk 🌻

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