Day 3 of 120: I eat to train. I don’t train to eat. 

Today 6/28/17: I slept hard last night fatigued from yesterday’s mini triath-aceratop (according to my 12 year old). Tuesdays, I have “bricks” on my training schedule but because I missed my swim from Monday, I needed to get in some pool time with a bunch of screaming summer camp kids at the Y.  Luckily, they keep one lane open for laps but I couldn’t help but hope to not feel any warm currents come my way. 😂 

Got in 1/4 mile swim, 14 mile ride, and a quick 2 mile run. The real test for me was not to give into the hunger. Normally after a decent effort, my brain doesn’t want to bother with tracking calories/macros, etc. I estimate what I’ve “earned” and eat to my heart’s content. 

Cyclist Tan Line Pride
Sneaking off the paved trail for a bit!
A lost sock sighting during my run!

But I’ve learned that it is only a continuation of the reward/punishment cycle of my relationship with food. Over the next 16 weeks minus 3 days, my mindset about food intake will be one of eating according to my goals. Eating so I can be my best at my various athletic endeavours. I want to be free of living a life based on reward and punishment in all of my relationships, not just with my food. 
So when push came to shove, I relied on MyFitnessPal to let me know what I needed to get in my body and I was able to stay on point. Just fell a bit short on my protein goals for the day —> which ensued into a comedic, and much too obviously suggestive thread on FB. It can get pretty sophomoric on my Timeline. 😂 #thanksfriends

Half a protein shake did the trick when I finally got home after a really long day of clients, training, more clients. Stayed under calories, almost hit my macro goals and I feel great, albeit a bit sleep deprived. Onward! 

A frosty French Vanilla protein shake. Instead of ice cream!

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