A day in Seoul near the “Blue House”

July 23, 2016

My folks live very close to The Blue House which is like our White House, you know where the Prez lives, except Korean. 😆

The Blue House. Miraculously I got a shot without the thousand Chinese tourists crawling all over the place!

Last year, the man and I hiked the Seoul City Wall and portions of it were routed right through the presidential residence grounds. We were unlucky to have gone out on a holiday last year so the mountain trail right behind/above the Blue House was closed so we had to come down onto the roads.

Me and my mom!
Today I had a fun lunch date with my mom who took me to Samcheongdong, a cute and trendy area with restaurants and boutique shops galore. We both scored some sandals on sale for 10,000won (about $10!) and we had a yummy lunch at the cutest place called “Snow Tree House” boasting lots of yummy kimchi based dishes and celeb endorsements. 

Reviews and endorsements aplenty!

Whimsically decorated like a tree house with artsy bamboo details and well placed (albeit fake) foliage, the restaurant’s ambiance was perfect for a casual lunch but with a slightly elevated feel. 

Ceiling detail
Traditional rooftop view and off into the distance is NamSan Tower

The food: YUM! Make sure you get the noodles in the kimchi “broth”. It’s so refreshing on a hot and humid summer day! 

KimChi Fried Rice, a classic, with a savory hamburger patty 😋
Yummy noodles in a cool and refreshing KimChi broth

What I love most about this area is the fusion of old architecture with modern convenience. 

It’s actually a dessert cafe!
Traditional Doorknob Detail
Seoul selfie

If you’re visiting Seoul, go ahead, it’s ok, visit the Blue House and the nearby Samcheongdong area and tour Gyeongbokgung while you’re at it. It’s worth the experience. 

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