Pitiful Run Intermission 

I have one more day to chronicle on our ride through Korea, but first, let’s discuss my pitiful run this evening! 

Yes, I’ve been dealing with a nasty sore throat and congestion but wow, I didn’t think I’d be suffering so much when I went out there. I purposely waited for evening because like everywhere else in the world it seems, it is just hot as balls. 

It doesn’t matter how cute you look when you start your run. Running has a way of breaking you down like a Marine Corps drill instructor does on your first day as a  recruit on the Island. I’m not a hugely experienced runner but I do have 2 marathons, one trail 50k and two trail 50 milers under my belt within the last two years, so when a little 3 mile effort has you huffing and puffing, well, it’s certainly a wake up call to get back to training with some seriousness. 

So where was I going with this?  LOL. Oh yeah, so my sis and I are vaguely thinking of running the Paris marathon together in April. She lives there so it would be slightly easier to coordinate all the logistics of a destination marathon, but all the cycling is making me question whether I want to deal with the pain/reward of running long distances again! 😳

Not that cycling is easy by any means but it’s a different kinda hard. (I know, I know, that’s what she said. 😂) 

Maybe it was the gross phlegm or perhaps the hot as balls weather or just the fact that my first three miles usually suck anyhow. I’m thinking positively that I haven’t lost my running mojo even though when a cyclist whizzed by, the purr of his bike was wistful music to my ears. 

Trail by the Tancheon River
About halfway…had to stop,kinda reminded me of Central Park for 2 seconds.
Nutritious dinner options

I opted for a fish cake hot dog looking thingy on a stick and I’d post the pic I sent my guy but it’s a bit inappropriate so I’ll leave it to your imaginations. 😳😆😂

And this was my “not-diet” dessert:

Red Bean Ice Flakes (BingSu). The 100won coin is for comparison. LOL

It’s a good thing all I had today was a shake and some Korean melon. I still think I went over my caloric requirements with this ridiculous dessert. It really is meant to be shared because I swear, NO one goes out to eat or drink coffee or do much of anything alone here! 

strava: Micha Shines

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