A Korean American in China: Random Musings

***Check back for pics. My internet connection sucks.***

1. Everyone immediately addresses me in Chinese. Twice. 

2. Puzzled looks when I say, “I’m American. I don’t speak Chinese.” And then they still continue with the Chinese. 😂

3. If per chance they speak a little English, they further question my Korean heritage. “But you look Chinese.”

4. Wasn’t sure what to expect lifestyle wise but was very impressed with infrastructure, modern conveniences, cleanliness, and I wasn’t even visiting Shanghai or Beijing. 

5. I did not eat any Chinese food while here. 😜

6. Google translate was invaluable. 

7. There is a lot of money here. Or at least a few are super mega disgustingly wealthy. Mr. Wanda…dayummmm. 

8. China pretty much owns America. 🤑

9. My mom used to tell me that if I marry an Asian man, he ought to be Chinese. That’s a hoot. 

10. Visa is not accepted everywhere. 

11. Translation services for signs and marketing materials are sorely needed in all of Asia, but China has surpassed Korea (in my opinion) for pure “comity” errors. 

12. Dividing by 7 to convert Chinese New Yuan to Dollars is a pain in the ass. My Asian math brain mocks me. 

13. I wonder if I do look Chinese. 

14. If I crash and burn on this flight home, my last meal would’ve been nasty popcorn chicken from the airport KFC because I’ve been stuck here for 8 hours and counting. 

15. Live each day as if it’s the last day of your life. Live hard. Love hard. Be thankful for every breath, every smile, every laugh. 

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