Busan to Seoul Ride Day 2: Podunk to Fancy Town 

July 11, 2016 : Miryang to Daegu

Easy ride today from Miryang, even though mostly road riding. I hated one climb but the downhill tunnel action afterward made up for it. I thought I’d freak out in the tunnel because I freak out in tunnels even when I’m driving a car, but surprisingly, I was quite calm and enjoyed the speed. 

Little climb

I was so glad to get out of Miryang, spider and other unsavory bug-laden town with crappy food, and get to one of my fave cities in Korea, Daegu. Not as hectic and crazy as Seoul, but civilized with one of our favorite BBQ restaurants! 

If you’re ever in Daegu, you must find this restaurant!

Some sights along the way and if you’re thinking of doing this ride, I’ll leave the strava map here. Or…you could just follow me! 😆 (Micha Shines)

Pearl Izumi Pink
Watermelon Socks and Cervelo Love
Somewhere along the way
We’ve entered Daegu…we rode from the other side of that artsy bridge
Just rewards

The Route

Miryang to Daegu Route

And if you’ve made it this far, you deserve the food pics! 😆

And what’s a night in Korea without karaoke?!

Tomorrow we ride to Sangju…about 65 miles with 100% chance rain and thunderstorms. Good times. 

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