Busan to Seoul Ride Day 1: And So It Begins

 July 10, 2016 Busan to Miryang 

Sasang Station in Busan where we picked up the bike trail

We planned Day 1 to be an easy day, just about 41 miles from our hotel in Busan to Miryang, a much smaller town north on our way to Daegu. 
After some treacherous road riding in Busan last night with me getting bullied by cars and buses, this morning, we decided to take the subway out to the trail which, let me tell you, was almost as equally stressful with bikes in tow. 

Our night in Busan was a bit disappointing foodwise. We tried a place with Jeju Island Black Pork but meh. At least the Kimchi Jigae was appetizing.

Busan side street
Jeju Island Black Pork BBQ
Kimchi Jigae (stew)
This cut our ride down even more, which was a little disappointing but with the heat and humidity (real feel 92 degrees), I was secretly glad to have arrived way earlier than projected. 

Even my shins were sweating

If you ever ride through Korea, you’ll find beautiful mountain and river scenery with patches of rice paddies and spots of the locals cooling off by the river in their makeshift tents.  It’s also truly amazing the quality and complete-ness of the bike trail system here! We have nothing like this in the States.

Yangsan (Yang Mountain) between Busan and Miryang
Two rivers outside Miryang
Miryang Bike Lean
Miryang…a grungy little town Photo Cred: my man

Finding good food in these little towns is a bit of a challenge, especially on a Sunday night. When you choose a place based on a cute cartoon of a choo choo train with a little piggy, you can’t expect much more than a cold beer and some fried blech, which is exactly what we had. LOL

Fried mysteries

And then there was this…

No, we did not eat these. 😳
A Pretty Vitamin 😂

And you know you’re in Asia when…

i’ve seen worse typos but still funny!

But no matter where you find yourself in the world, there is always beauty to be discovered. 

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