To Busan We Go…KTX style

First Leg of Busan to Seoul Epic Ride

Day 6 : July 9, 2016 

Considering last year’s Seoul to Busan Epic Ride/UltraRun, we decided to do the trip backward this time. Today we had to make it down to Busan so we can start our ride tomorrow! 

My crap for the next 6 days
All packed up! 🚴🏼❤️🚴🏼

After a dreadfully fun night of debauchery involving too much beer and soju, we made our way to Seoul Station to sneak aboard the KTX high speed train with bikes in tow, which by the way seems to be prohibited (read: it is prohibited). 

The evidence #sojunights
Random street vendor pineapple

Maybe because we were sufficiently hungover (we are too old to party like we used to…), we didn’t realize that it may have been easier to just ride our bikes to Seoul Station. Instead, we rode to the local subway station and proceeded to take 4 different subway lines to get there. LOL. One of which also prohibits bikes as it is an express line. We almost got busted by a janitor but our daring and defiant American spirits got the best of us and we snuck on.

Short ride to subway in civilian clothes! 😆
Korail Subway Shenanigans

The stress doesn’t end there!  Once we got to Seoul Station, the challenge was somehow having to sneak onto the KTX with two road bikes packed with a bunch of crap in panniers. Acting like clueless Americans (oh wait, we kinda are 😂), who don’t speak any Korean does come in handy from time to time, especially when the conductors are scolding you about bikes not being allowed. 

Sneaking on board the KTX

We made it to Busan with a bit of fast-talking concerned sounding English to the frustrated Korean-only speaking conductor. 😂😆😂

Busan Bike Lean

After riding 4 subways, on some heavily trafficked roads, our hotel was a sight for sore eyes. On the menu tonight was a surprisingly mediocre Jeju Island Black Pork BBQ, and a pretty tasty kimchi jigae. 

In search of sustenance, Busan, S. Korea
Jeju Island Black Pork BBQ
KimChi Jigae

More tomorrow. The riding begins.

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