Run for Food

Day 3 : July 6, 2016

Food. Food is good. Good food is even better. As a personal trainer and coach, it often frustrates me to see my clients working so hard in the gym and yet just cannot repair their relationship with food. 

I don’t blame nor judge as I’ve often struggled with it myself. I’ve tried all kinds of diets, cleanses, supplements, nutritional lifestyles like macrobiotics, veganism, raw foodism, and now delving into KETO-ism. 

Plus, there is so much conflicting info out there and it takes a lot of time that no one has these days to sort through the hype and most importantly, to find the balance that works best for you.

The key to success is sustainable balance…and that, I believe, albeit based on sound nutritional principles and science, is highly personal and needs a certain amount of tweaking for the individual. At the end of the day, only you know how good you feel. I think if you stick to the standards of feeling happy, energetic and confident in your skin with a good level of mental acuity, you’re doing A-OK with your nutrition. 

What’s a selfie in Korea without the deuces?! Tancheon River Trail. Korea has a fantastic run and bike trail system throughout the country.

So yesterday, I literally ran to my lunch date. I was testing out my running legs as well as conducting a pre-emptive strike against the calories I knew I was going to thoroughly enjoy. 

Most delicious Spider type Roll!
Churros y Iced Latte

I allowed myself this sugary treat…why? Dysfunctional justification because I ran my fastest mile ever! 

It was all downhill and the entire run was only 2 miles but I’ll take it!

But not sure if that was enough to justify one of my favorite Korean dinners. I was 21 calories over yesterday according to MyFitnessPal.Damn that churro.

Spicy grilled baby octopus…great source of lean protein. Many Westerners aren’t so keen on the little suction cups but man oh man, it is delicious if you can get over your cultural conditioning.

It’s about to go down! Baby octopus, a bit of pork, clams, soybean sprouts, pickled radish and like 4 pieces of dduk (Korean rice cake)
My fave veggie wrap. Perilla leaves with a side of roe. They are rich in ALA omega-3 fatty acids.
A little spicy, a little sweet and so satisfyingly yummy!
His wrap
Her wrap
Crunchy bits with fondue

Eat well and move the body, my friends! 

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