Maiden Voyage in the Motherland and More Food

Day 4 : July 7, 2016

Aurora is racked out and ready for our Busan-Seoul adventure! #bushlean

One of our main adventures in Korea this year is riding Busan (my birthplace)-Seoul. After a bit of drama waiting on my Scicon travel bike bag to arrive, (which did not make in time for my flight) Plan B of renting a Thule from LBS worked out perfectly. 

This was stuck in Customs. Released the day I arrived in Korea.
To date, I have a lifetime 500 odd miles under my road riding belt. I’m not counting my childhood miles because strava didn’t exist back then for my red 10speed not-Schwinn. LOL.
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Needless to say, this 546k ride with climbs about 4 times what I’ve ridden to date will be a welcome challenge. Yes, “welcome” is a slight exaggeration considering the crazy stress dream I had last night about the journey. But that which does not kill us makes us stronger, they say. 😂
Yesterday, we went out for my first ride in Korea. Short, sweet and a nice pre-cursor to our long ride, mostly because I get to draft off my tight-bootied, calf-sculpted man most of the way. It’s too bad I’m not yet coordinated enough to take pics while I’m riding. Hahaha. 

So where are the food pics you ask?  Miraculously, I’m down another .8 lbs from yesterday’s weigh in even though I pigged out like a mofo! 

Lunch was with mom and dad at semi-fancy restaurant in Seoul. After the initial Korean mom body fat assessment, ironically, she orders a bunch of food. 

Mom at 71 still has amazing skin. Barely needs a filter! 😆
Set lunch menu
Octopus tempura goodness
This tofu soup was amazing. Aside from the mushrooms…#mycophobic
Fish roe salad on rice…likey!
Korean fusion alright. Meh.

Post ride dinner was Beef Rib BBQ and too much beer and blueberry cheesecake from Bonneau. These pastry shops on practically every corner in Korea just kill me. We are justifying it as carb-loading for the long ride. Yes, that’s the ticket. 

Beef Rib Meat BBQ. Simple, low carb deliciousness!

2 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage in the Motherland and More Food

  1. OMG – the pix of your food is KILLING ME!!! And your comment about fat assessment is so KOREAN…my dad, oh you look like you gained weight…5 min later, you didn’t eat anything, you need to eat to have energy to take care of your children…EAT EAT EAT!!! Enjoy your trip…stop posting pix of the food…jk, I am eating thru your pix!

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