Korean Bacon, KetoLife, and Triathlon Training

Day 2 : July 5, 2016

My slightly improved stats this morning:

After our yummy Korean carb-laden “fast food” lunch yesterday, we managed to get over to a local health club to get some swimming and a little “cross-training” in. Hahaha. Cross-training. I can’t believe I just called it that. Anyway. 

The Swim: can I just insert an exasperated eye roll emoji here? The swim appears to be the bane of most wannabe triathletes, including me. I’ve had a long history of quasi traumatic incidents in the water…you know like at a summer party where your dad’s drunk friend throws you in the deep end of the pool after you tell him that as an 8 year old you can’t swim. Great.

Or the humiliating sound of the drill instructor yelling at you to get out of the pool during Marine Corps boot camp swim qualification and getting assigned to remedial swim. LOL. That’s funnier now than it was back then. 

Or perhaps sheepishly showing up for an adult swim class at the local community college amidst adult Indian men and African American women who also couldn’t swim nor even put their face in the water! And no, that’s not a racist exaggeration but an accurate description of the class demographic. Oh and don’t forget me…random Asian chick. 

The thing is that I’m a dancer and an athlete. I’m far from uncoordinated! I’m also strong and my run endurance is better than the average Jane’s so I find it doubly humiliating that I’m such an awful swimmer…even more awful than when I first started running. I think. Although I was pretty bad and slow at running too. Unfortunately, much of my fitness just doesn’t translate in the pool. 

There I am with my accomplished triathlete boyfriend demonstrating a very inefficient stroke (in the pool, that is…hehe) being half embarrassed and half frustrated but I was pretty good at leaving my ego in the locker room full of old naked Korean ladies and open to listening to his feedback and advice. 

I have a tendency to just sign up for some outrageous foot race attempting to train for it but always end up being moderately to severely undertrained…balancing family and work as a single mom is tough. Training can’t be a priority when your kids only have you to depend on. So of course, a few months ago when my most awesome BF gifted me the best present ever (Cervelo R2), I thought, I’m gonna train for IM Maryland in October even though I can’t really swim 25 meters, let alone 25 yards, or even 50 feet for that matter, very efficiently and have never participated in any distance triathlon. 😂

I’ve had a few sessions in the pool solo and immediately realized that this shit is hard. When shit is hard, it’s humbling, and a mature person begins cultivating patience. I no longer want to just show up and finish. Not that that’s such a terrible thing but I really want to do my best and my best is definitely more than “just finish”. 

So, the plan is to continue swim training, cycling, and making some run gains this year. As for my race calendar? Probably a few duathlons…perhaps a sprint tri or two, a marathon, maybe JFK 50 miler with my sights set on a 70.3 and full Ironman for 2017. Doable. 

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the road to fat adaption with some Korean BACON. Dinner last night was low carb and most definitely high fat…lots of raw and fermented veggies (read: kimchi). Much better than our carb laden lunch. 

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