Korea ’16 Adventures 

Day 1 – July 4, 2016

I’m back in the motherland, this time to tackle the Busan-Seoul trail on bike! If you recall, last year I was here running portions from Seoul-Busan covering about 200k in a few days’ time. 

Aurora and me #bikelove

After running two 50 milers and getting a new Cervelo road bike, I’ve switched gears (ha…punny) to triathlon training. Sorta.  LOL. I recently bruised/broke/otherwise injured ribs during a bad bike crash involving me being slammed into a wall by a nasty crosswind gust about 20+ mph while I was riding 15+ mph. You do the math on the force of that crash but here is a pic of my handlebars that drove into my right ribs like a ton of bricks almost knocking the wind outta me!  

After the crash

While I’m here, I’m also documenting my 28 day journey using exogenous ketones in an effort to fat adapt…which is like the holy grail for endurance athletes. It’s not so fashionable nor is it healthy to rely on so much glucose as fuel. Insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes are real! 

KETO O/S 3.0

Today, I looked like this. Granted, haven’t been able to workout for the last 3 weeks much because of the busted ribs, and I did get off the plane just yesterday…but def poochie and in need of some de-flammation! Gonna keep it low-ish carbs (exception: beer) and clean and get my ketones in the body every day. 

Like I said, welcome to Pooch-ville. I do have access to a Tanita scale with all kinds of neat readings so I will be tracking daily and then plotting those data points for the entire month. If you’d like to see exactly what I’m eating, find me on MyFitnessPal (michashines). 

Eating low carb here is going to be a bit of a challenge…check out my fast food lunch today! 

Fish cake yumminess
Kimchi, of course

I had half of what’s pictured here. We approximated 700 or so calories each!  Yikes. And I didn’t even upload the strawberry cheesecake we split!!! Today, heading to the pool and will lift a bit to counteract these caloric forces. 

Wish me luck that my ribs will cooperate! 

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