Never quit during a bad mile! 

Ran a self supported marathon today for training. It was really tough even though the weather was gorgeous! #bootyshortweather


Don’t judge! It’s a look. My calves were sore from 9 mile trail run yesterday.
My mindset was negative and weak from the get-go…was totally procrastinating on run start.  


strava stats
I’m training for another 50 miler. Not entirely sure why.  

Some thoughts during this torturous run: 

Mile 1: “Feel ok considering yesterday’s run, it’s a little warmer than I thought.”

End of Mile 2: “I can’t believe I just turned the Garmin off taking off this stupid shirt. Now it’s not gonna record a marathon PR if I get one. Grrr.” 

Mile 7, which was really 9
: “Maybe I just run a half marathon and call an uber.”
Mile 10-20…repetitive thoughts:

“I hate running.”

“How did I run 50 miles? Must’ve been a fluke.” 


“It’s my choice whether I should suffer! I could just stop the suffering now!”

“I should just call an uber to pick my sorry ass up.” 

“But I can’t quit! I’d let everyone down. I’d suck. I’d be lame. Let me just make it to next mile.” 

***”Never quit during a bad mile!”***

Mile 20 texting with coach:

Me: “Can I just do 22? I’m 2 miles from home. I miscalculated route.” 

Coach: “No, you’re training for a 50 miler, not a 46 miler.” 

Me: “But I have no sugar (and hardly any water) left.”

Coach: “Bonk run last 6 if you have to…you’ll get second wind.” 

Me: “I hate running. I love/hate you. Ok you’re right. I’m going.” 

No. No, it wasn’t.

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