Posts from Deutschland Day 2: 50 Miler Training with Muesli, Castles, and Reindeer

…at least that’s what we zoologically impaired Americans deduced! 

“What are they? Goats? Sheep?”

“I dunno…do goats have those horns?”


OMG…runnus interruptus by the cutest baby whatever they are!
Tell me that’s not a reindeer! Looks like Rudolph to me, all grown up! 😂
So yes, I’m in the midst of training for my first 50 mile ultramarathon. My coach was pretty nice though by giving me a recovery week during my stay here in Germany. 6 miles at a relaxed pace…whatever that means. Apparently my pace is all over the place…which is unfortunately confirmed by the Garmin. In my defense though, it was a pretty obvious downhill/uphill run with no shame in stopping for pictures. I mean, when’s the next time I’ll be running with reindeer and castle sightings through Germany?


Can ya tell? Downhill first? LOL
Not really anything steep but still mildly challenging for a jet lagged, sea level runner.

Speaking of castles/palaces, check these out! My apologies…didn’t quite inquire what these buildings were all about. It was bad enough that I stopped a few times just to take the pics. 

But wait, what about the muesli? 


Muesli with hazelnuts, fresh strawberry jam and melon
Along with the above pictured deliciousness, there is always a nice selection of charcuterie at the breakfast buffet along with lots of bready goodness. 


So much for gluten-free this week! 😆🍞
I’m not quite sure how it happened but I’m loving my travel running adventures. There is nothing like running long distances through an area that allows you to take in the landscape and feel of a different corner of the world. Your appetite is fired up naturally to enjoy the food and drink of the region. You can also observe the mood and ways of the people that you just can’t fully absorb hanging out in hotels and visiting the typical tourist spots. 


Although the bread indulgence is at an all time high, I am getting my greens every day…so fresh and flavorful! 😋
My long run this weekend is only 12 miles, but I’m tempted to extend it, considering I dropped my last 50k run last weekend. Stay tuned…

German Sunset

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