Posts from Deutschland, Day 1: The Joy of Glühwein, Bier, and Christmas 


Glühwein: wine to make you “glow”…

I landed safely in Stuttgart yesterday, albeit a bit discombobulated from the long flight with a crying baby and young mom who was probably crying just as loudly inside!  Having traveled internationally as a single mom with 2 kids under 3 (at the time), I was empathetic…for the most part.  As soon as immigration and baggage were taken care of, I craved European coffee and was greeted by the oddest Nativity scene ever at Stuttgart airport. 
You’d think I was in Italy! Cappuccino love. ☕️❤️

This looked pretty legit at first…

…that is until Pope JP2 and other random statuettes are spotted visiting the Baby Jesus! 😆😂
Once checked into the hotel and settled a bit, it was a visit to the Ludwigsburg Weihnachtsmarkt aka Ludwigsburg Christmas Market. The German weather gods blessed my first day here with incredible spring-like weather showcasing an amazingly picturesque blue sky so much so that some of my shots look like paintings! With just enough chill in the air and me walking around coat-less (as usual), it was easy to justify two rounds of Glühwein…a warmly spiced or “mulled” red wine served hot. And according to my sources, glühen means “to glow”!  How perfectly appropriate for me…lol. Micha Shines, glows,  get it?! 😆 
At Ludwigsburg Christmas Market
Herrnhuter Stern aka Moravian Star

After warming up with my new favorite winter drink, it was time to EAT…and as it turned out, to drink some more!  OMG…I now know what it really means to enjoy a hearty meal. And I now know what it means to actually like the taste of beer. I can truly say that one’s life is just not complete without experiencing these simple pleasures.


Delicious locally grown produce makes for the best salads!
Bier = Beer
Zwiebelrostbraten, Spätzle, and Maultaschen. Ok…so a bit carb heavy but whatever. One word: HEARTY RUNNING FUEL (ok that’s 3 words)
German Gustatory Delights
Christmas time for me has revolved mostly around the commercial traditions of Black Friday, fake Santa, and stressing over gift buying budgets for four kids. Ironically, I was finally able to experience the joy of the season at a Christmas “market” without feeling the need to buy more stuff. 

It’s become clear to me that life is to be experienced through the senses and shared with others, not through the adrenaline rush of shopping with Amazon one click. This season, perhaps cut down a tad on the stuff buying in exchange for creating magical, love-filled memories. 

The market at night…fun, lively, and a bit magical!

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