DIVAS in Tutus: Trying to be a “Social” Runner

2014 Sept 13: Divas Half Marathon, Tarara Winery

10583069_10152705137005309_936623706317959003_o-2Most of the time, I am a gregarious and enthusiastic person.  I mean, hello, I teach Zumba.  I aim to have those around me feel comfortable.  I feel uncomfortable when you’re uncomfortable.  Anti-social wouldn’t be the first adjective used to describe me, except when I’m running.

Everyone knows those women who can run together for miles and chit-chat away about nothing in particular.  I am not one of them.

Feeling like I was missing out on some valuable female camaraderie, I tried running with a few close girlfriends.  My first attempt was with one of my new besties and IsaClients, L.  She would come Zumba at the gym I used to work, and despite her new-ness to10689961_10152702777575309_1532460943500093858_n the dance form, she attended class regularly.  You need to understand, L is a workout beast.  She actually has a very distinguishable 6 pack of abdominals.  She can do a handful of non-kipping chin-ups.  She runs faster than I do WITH a stroller.  AND…she is the CHATTIEST friend I have!  But, I thought it was a good idea anyway that I go on a 10 mile run with her.  I mean if she could do something that was awkward for her at first (Zumba), then I certainly could pretend to be a social runner.  And, this was her first attempt at such a long distance.  (which, btw, she smoked in about an hour and a half, hardly breaking a sweat)

It was painful, for several reasons.  Well, firstly, I was trying to break in my new Zero-Drop Altra Paradigms.  Duh, a 10 A2435_SulpherGrapemile run in brand new shoes is not considered good transitioning technique.  By mile 2, I felt badly that I was making her run so slowly. I am an awesome conversationalist, but while running, I cannot think of one damn thing to talk about, especially when it’s 80+ degrees and humid by 0830, and my right hand is swelling like a cow’s full udder.  To top it all off, I decided that wearing CEP compression socks in that heat was a good idea!  OMG.  Perhaps, it’s not so much that I’m not a social runner…it’s just that I’m still pretty new at running and make some idiotic last-minute choices before heading out for my runs.

One of my goals is to be a completely relaxed runner, and that really only comes with routine and repetition.

10636233_10152705175170309_8918435728403256499_nOh yeah, the reason she agreed to do this long run with me was because I convinced her to run the DIVAS Half Marathon with me.  The 13.1 mile race was perfectly timed with my marathon training.  Although I’m a tomboy at heart, I do have my girly side that loves bling and pink and firemen, all of which would be present at this race.  We invited one more very chatty, experienced marathoner friend to join us.  Having run once in a tutu, I wanted to share the joy of tutu running, so we place a group order with my favorite tutu maker, A&E Custom Tutus.  Ask for Elizabeth, she is the BEST…tell her I sent you.

For an awkward social runner, I have to say, the race was REALLY fun!  So much so, that I am much more confident in going out to run with others now.  Run-agoraphobia, no more!  10666112_10152668761090977_2895744708840962535_nOutside the comfort zone is discomfort.  Go outside.
Go be uncomfortable.  You can’t expect to go the distance if you don’t! 

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