The Pancake Principles of Success

1. Focus. If you’ve ever tried to multitask whilst making pancakes, you know you will inevitably burn or undercook them. You might get away with shooting off a quick text or two but just put everything down and make the damn pancakes and do nothing else.

2. Manage the heat. If you turn up the heat too high at first…no good. If too low…no good either. You really need a nice even medium heat that’ll “endure”. Just like stress…gotta have just the right amount to keep you “cookin'” but too much and you’ll get burnt.

3. Timing. Flipping a pancake at the right time is crucial. Flip it too soon and you’ll likely end up with a mangled flapjack. Flip it too late, obviously, burned or too hard on the outside. Whatever you’re working on, syncing into and cultivating your timing “sense” is often the make it or break it factor in success. Pro tip: you should NOT be flipping your pancakes more than once!

4. Patience. When we aren’t patient, we tend to turn up the heat too high, or flip too fast. Those who aren’t patient also cannot endure.

5. Integrity. Use real quality butter and maple syrup. Coconut syrup from Hawaii is also the bomb. Never chintz on your ingredients, whether it’s food, your effort, your tools, even your mindset. Keep your standards high. Never cut corners to save a buck. That is what will cost you in the long run.

6. Trust. Trust yourself that you can make the best pancake ever. Trust in God. God wants you to have the best pancake ever.

The finish line takes but a moment to cross, savor that victorious moment but also learn to enjoy the process. It’s during the process you are able to catch that sweet beta flow state.

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