The Dark Side

It’s not until we shed all of our “poor me” or even “good me” victim stories that we begin to truly take responsibility for our lives and grow from wounded children into healed adults.

Yes, I’m sorry I was ever hurt. I’m sorry you’ve been hurt. But when will we stop replaying and reinjuring ourselves with old wounds that have happened long ago?

Stop searching for a reason why things happened. Things happen. Let them go. If anything, relish in the fact that you’re still here reading this.

Here’s the real dark side of living in victimhood: self-entitlement. It’s often worse than the original injury in the long lasting havoc it can wreak in your life. Self-entitlement makes us lazy. Self-entitlement keeps us comfy in denial. It proliferates weakness and low self-esteem and only feeds that ravenous and insatiable victim addicted to disappointment. No wonder we are a society filled with anxiety, depression, and sedation!

Life is comprised of both dark and light, night and day. Rejuvenation and growth happens in and from the darkness. Inhale deeply and visualize yourself physically embracing your wounds. Bring light to them.

Big Bend Sunrise

Every morning, the sun has always risen, unless you’re in Alaska or something but you know what I mean. Your higher power, God, will never fail you. Your doubt fails you.

Look deeply in the mirror this morning. Appreciate. Embrace. Face the day. Fear no one. Create the life you want.

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