A Manifestation Story

Last night, I’m perusing the interwebs and came across an adventure race which included trail running, mountain biking, paddling, orienteering. I thought, “Wow…I’d love to do this one day!”

This morning, one of my trail running FB friends happens to tag me in another woman’s post about…ADVENTURE RACING! Lauren and Anne had qualified for the US Adventure Racing Association’s National Championships but had lost their third teammate. Apparently, ultrarunning, mountain biking women who don’t mind finding their way through the woods with the help of a compass and map are hard to come by…oh and who can paddle a little.

It took but a few minutes before I was on speakerphone with Lauren and Anne. We immediately hit it off. I told them I’d think about it during my long run today. My main concern was holding them back as I have ZERO adventure racing experience. But they seemed pretty stoked that I’m an ultrarunner who’s raced MTB and a US Marine, despite the fact that I’m more than 10 years their senior!

I meant to sleep on this decision but I realized that I had manifested this. How could I deny my own manifestation?! When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I am terrified and excited. This will be hard AF. Seriously, I felt more excited about saying yes to this than the three times I’ve gotten married! Hahaha.

They sent me this pic when I said, “YES!” 

When I thought “one day”, I didn’t think it would be the absolute NEXT day! I am so grateful for this opportunity to race with two amazing women at the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS of US Adventure Racing! Seriously Hashtag Blessed! LOLz.

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