“Stay humble or get humbled.”

I ride past the White House on my commutes. Barricades are up, bleachers are in place getting ready for Inaguration Day. Gotta say, I’m usually pretty grateful for the sights of such historical buildings and monuments but since Election Day, I pretty much seeth with disgust thinking about who will be occupying the Oval Office for (hopefully) less than 4 years. 

No, this is not a rant about the PEEOTUS. <— LOL 

Rather, I wanted to share a quote with you from Jocko Willink, badass Navy Seal amongst many of his other notable accomplishments. 

Stay humble or get humbled. 

It’s quite simple really. A true leader always has his/her “troops” in mind. Although there is discipline and structure imbued in a leader’s daily practices, an effective leader is also open minded and flexible, always seeking ways to improve and forge forward. That requires humility, always asking what they could’ve done better, either of themselves or from others. 

Jackasses who lack humility are not leaders and cannot truly lead anyone, nor themselves to any true greatness. That is all. Good luck, America. 

4 thoughts on ““Stay humble or get humbled.”

  1. Stay Humble or Be Humbled; and yet you “Seeth with disgust” and insult the Next president of the United States. (YOUR next president)

    Your message is on point, but your other words indicate you might not practice what you preach.

    Try not to be as close minded and intolerant as the left wants you to be. 🙂


    1. I appreciate your respectful feedback, however, I disagree. Being humble or humbled does not mean bowing down when defeated when that temporary domination is based on core values and beliefs that are driven to divide humanity and threaten to impinge on the rights of women and POC amongst other marginalized groups affected by the presidency.


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