Posts from Korea, Vol 1 No 2: Getting Lost

I’ve been doing much of my traveling here on foot or on Korail (the most awesome subway system in Korea). Remember, my language skills (both reading and speaking) are pathetic which makes it much harder to distinguish one area of the town from another! Needless to say, the last few days on foot have been filled with a lot of back and forth searching for some landmark that looks familiar, but dammit, it all looks the same!!! 😂

The subway is a breeze to navigate, but walking the streets have been pretty challenging.  The only upside is that I’m getting in a lot of extra mileage just by getting a little lost!

Today, I broke my personal record and got lost twice in one day.  On my way to Zumba, I walked an extra 40 minutes before finding the health club. I was so disoriented that I even asked random Korean dude for directions.  LOL. But I made it!!!

After a lunch date, as instructed, I walked along the river trail staying to the right, but somehow I found myself on an offshoot tributary which added another 30 minutes to my walk home.


Honestly though, how bad is it to get “lost” on a beautiful river trail full of weeping willows, wildflowers, and butterflies? It dawned on me that, as always, it’s all about perspective. Unless you are willing to abandon the idea of a rigidly structured map of your life, you will miss out on opportunities for exploration and growth. Do you think Lewis and Clark were worried about getting lost? Do you think they feared that momentary psychological discomfort as they faced uncharted territory? Trite but true, the magic happens outside your comfort zone. Break out of the box and see what’s out there. It could be quite magical and all you’ve dreamed your life could be! Be Unstoppable…and in the words of William Clark, “Do not repine!”

IMG_3731 IMG_3527 IMG_3509 IMG_3529

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