Live. Love. Sparkle.

Independence. Freedom. Empowerment. These are not just American ideals, but perhaps core instincts, and dare I say, core rights, of every human being.

So then why is it so difficult to respect that all human beings crave freedom and empowerment? We truly cannot be happy fettered, controlled, imprisoned…even if merely by our own thoughts. Why are we always imposing ourselves, our ideologies on others? Whether it’s on the level of personal relationships or on a larger scale in our communities and the planet, all strife seems to originate from telling others that they are wrong and that we are right, and our way is the right way.

I suppose too, we are struggling to keep our own fears at bay…the fear of separation, disconnection…so we end up in co-dependent relationships trying to control the other and robbing ourselves of the ability to truly love each other in freedom and trust.

On this Independence Day, yes, I salute my fellow veterans, but I’m also tipping my proverbial cover (that’s “hat” for my civilian friends) to our fight for personal freedom and empowerment. Take it easy on the BBQ today, and go LIVE. LOVE. SPARKLE…oh and RUN!!!!

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