MCM 2009. DNS – Did Not Show. My shameful first one.

oprah marathon
I can’t believe how trim Oprah was here!

Like many, many others, the seed was planted 20 years ago, when Oprah finished the Marine Corps Marathon.  (Holy crap, talk about the missing decade! 1994 was 20 years ago!)  I had joined the Marine Corps Reserve just two years prior so I thought it was some sort of fate for me to run the MCM one day.  Although I DETESTED running, this marathon business appealed to me solely because of the physical and mental challenges it presented.  Even as an immature, undisciplined, 20-something year old, I knew that this would be good for me.

oprah-cover1-774x1024NOW I remember why that decade went missing!  I married and divorced twice, birthed 4 babies over a span of 8 years and opened and closed several businesses while doing so.  I believe it was 2009, when I was still operating my dance studio in White Plains, NY, a student of mine egged me on to register for the MCM.  Back then it was pretty easy to get in.  Just pay and boom, you’re in.  I immediately went to Westchester Road Runner and bought my first pair of Glycerins, a pair of running tights, bra, and shirt.  I was ready!  HA!

I had no idea what it meant to train.  I was delusional.  I had no idea how to fit in teaching Zumba 10-15 times a week, train for a marathon, and take care of 4 kids and run a dance studio.  I think I ripped out some jive schedule out of a magazine and probably ran a total of 3 times, if that!  My reasons for wanting to complete a marathon were superficial.  Not saying that there ever has to be some noble reason to run a marathon, but for me, if I don’t have a burning desire, I don’t usually follow through with that initial motivation.

The best accomplishments are fueled by desire and  carried out with integrity and a smart action plan.

I was missing a few components.  My first official DNS.  Lame.  But, luckily, the story doesn’t end there…

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